Our Verticals

Strategy & Policy Advisory

We work with state and national governments in helping them with policy formulations and review in the field of low-carbon hydrogen, sustainability and carbon-neutral in general. We also work with several companies, across manufacturers to EPC and technology R&D to advise them on the short- and long-term strategy development for their low-carbon hydrogen and carbon-neutral goal

Technical Consultancy & Basic Engineering

We provide early-stage consultancy services for various low-carbon hydrogen and sustainability projects. Within this we undertake the entire scope from pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, front-end engineering, basic engineering and support to the detailed engineering and EPC phases of the project. 


Our experienced engineering organization consisting of multidisciplinary engineers with experience across the globe works on fit-for-purpose technical solutions with high focus on process safety.

Technology Development

We are working on development of technology solutions for accelerating the push towards our sustainable future. This includes, development of PEM fuel cell stacks, electrolyser, electric vehicle chargers and energy storage solutions. 

Our in-house technology & R&D team works closely in partnership with universities and industries.

Why we believe in Hydrogen?


According to the IEA study (2021), the hydrogen demand is expected to increase from the current 90 million tons/annum to over 500 million tons/annum by 2050. The current hydrogen demand is concentrated predominantly in the refineries and ammonia sectors. In the future, sunrise sectors will open up for hydrogen consumption, such as steel, cement, blending in natural gas grid, buildings and mobility among others. According to the study by McKinsey (2021), there are more than 250 B$ of projects announced through 2030 and close to 100 B$ in advanced planning stages.


Hydrogen is the only option when it comes to decarbonisation for most of the industrial sectors, heavy mobility, shipping and petrochemicals.

We cover the entire value chain for low carbon hydrogen

Hydrogen Production

Feasibility study and techno economic analysis 

Technology selection and optimisation 

Turnkey EPC, including key equipment sourcing

Hydrogen storage and transportation solutions

Operations & Maintenance

Designing the O&M philosophy including spare parts management, reliability and critical equipment

Management of entire O&M of the hydrogen plant

Continous plant optimisation using data analytics

Hydrogen Mobility

Technology evaluation and design for fuel cell based mobility 

EPC of hydrogen re-fuelling stations and remote operations

Advisory and implementaiton of mobility applications from drones to trucks and boats

We are technology and application agnostic

Green Hydrogen

Production using Alkaline, PEM or SOEC electrolysers

Captive production of renewable energy or sourcing from the grid to ensure maximum load hours of renewables 

Blue Hydrogen

Augmentation of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) to hydrogen production from natural gas via steam methane reforming

Hydrogen production from biomass gasification technology

Industrial Applications

Use of green and blue hydrogen for ammonia production, and subsequent usage in fertilizer industry

Direct use of hydrogen to replace fully or partly natural gas in furnaces or boilers for generating high grade heat

Our Values


We work with each other and with our partners with utmost honesty and transparency


We maintain highest level of professional integrity in all our activities .


We believe that we were all created equal; and we work on a principle of mutual respect and humanism


We care about ourselves, our team, our partners and everyone whom we reach


We evaluate all our activities with a sustainability lens and every decision is influenced by it